Roof Painting

Roof Painting Coffs Harbour Painting is very, very different to normal interior or exterior house painting. Roof Painting requires a specialised roof paint. This roof paint has been scientifically formulated to be applied on roofs. Some paints are specifically made for cement roof tiles and some are made for metal roofs. Some roofs require an
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Tile Roof Restoration

Tile Roof Restoration Is a very broad term used by many people, from home-owners to roofing professionals to describe the refurbishment of a roof. This term MUST be qualified by an itemised list [Scope-Of-Works] of the materials and services required for the individual roof. In other-words “Roof Restoration” does NOT have one simple meaning and
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What is roof restoration

What is roof restoration exactly? Do you really require a roof restoration? Frequently The Office of Fair Trading gets complaints and phone calls from home owners who’ve been contacted by door-to-door salesman trying to sell roof restoration. Your roof is a vitally important part of your home. It makes up a large proportion of the
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Cement Tile Roof Painting

Cement Tile Roof Painting 1. Can you paint cement roof tiles? 2. Must I paint cement roof tiles? 3. Should I paint cement roof tiles? 4. What are benefits to paint cement roof tiles? 5. What are the negatives paint cement roof tiles? 6. What is the proper process for painting cement roof tiles? 7.
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